/The Digital Age Enters A New Stage!

The Digital Age Enters A New Stage!

A new business model for Internet users is in the process of being created.
According to this model, instead of you paying for using Internet you will get paid.
The UK company 5 Billion Sales collects Internet usage statistic globally and
pays Internet users for their data. The business is still in pre-launch stage
but you can join now for free, and start earning money without paying anything at all yourself.
We have all been waiting for this, havn’t we?

Just for joining you will get paid $400 annually and when you invite someone,
you will get $100 for each person joining. Check your social media connections –
Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube ….
How many people do you know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?
Multiply that by 100 Dollars, because that is what 5BS will pay you.
If even only some of your contacts join, you will make a fortune
– and, what is the best part about it: Your friends will be able to make a lot of money as well!

5 Billion Sales is currently in pre-launch stage and they are still releasing new services
with new earning potentials for you and for your friends.
For instance, in July, 5BS will release a new browser supercharged with new and unique features.
This new tool will make it even easier for all of us to earn money from the normal Internet interaction
we regularly use anyway.

Click on my link below to find out more and register for free. Share the link with your friends.
Don’t miss this opportunity, if you and your team want to be on the cutting edge of internet development
and earn money at the same time!


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