/World Localization Day June 21, 2022

World Localization Day June 21, 2022

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In June 2022, for the third year in a row, people all over the world are coming together to explore the power of localization, and to honor the many efforts and initiatives – old and new – that foster ecological economies, thriving communities and healthy local food systems.World Localization Day on June 21st celebrates the worldwide localization movement – not only on the day itself, but during the entire month of June.

Many prominent figures, including H. H. the Dalai Lama, professor Noam Chomsky, environmentalist Jane Goodall, comedian Russell Brand, journalist Naomi Klein, and Dr. Gabor Maté, along with 80+ grassroots movements across six continents, have expressed support for World Localization Day.‍What is localization? And how does it provide a common ground for people in such diverse fields?

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World Localization Day 2022


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