/Average C-Suite Tenure and Other Important Executive Facts

Average C-Suite Tenure and Other Important Executive Facts

The tenure of its employees can say a lot about a business. For example, high turnover suggests poor culture or an environment that’s too demanding of its employees. Conversely, longstanding tenure and high retention rates signal that employees are happy, valued and content in their positions.

Tenure varies by position and, as a general rule of thumb, the higher you climb in a company, the longer the tenure of that position. An entry-level sales position might have an average tenure of one year, while the director of sales might be a position someone holds for an average of four years. It makes sense. Think about if those times were reversed! If your leadership has a shorter tenure than lower-level positions, you’ve got a real problem.

It brings about the question: how long is the average tenure for a member of the c-suite? It’s a fair question and one companies need to ask themselves as they begin the search to fill a vacant executive position. It sets the expectation for how long you can and should expect senior leadership to stick around.

Below are some important statistics, courtesy of a 2020 report by Korn Ferry on the average tenure of c-suite leadership across different positions and industries, from 1000 companies.

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