/UCI announces 13 of the 14 cyclocross World Cups

UCI announces 13 of the 14 cyclocross World Cups

UCI announces 13 of the 14 cyclocross World Cups

The UCI announced the cyclocross calendar for the 2022/2023 season on Monday. The amount of World Cups is reduced to 14, instead of the 16 this season. The USA loses one race, Iowa City (which is now classified as a C1), but Fayetteville returns as a World Cup race.

There was a lot of criticism from riders, their entourage and race organizers about the World Cup in 2021/2022. With sixteen World Cup races and three weekends of national, European and World Championships almost all Sundays of the season were blocked, leaving little room to other races especially if the World Cup race was outside of Belgium or the Netherlands. Flanders Classics and the UCI brought it down to 14 races this year.

Flamanville, Iowa City, Koksijde, Namur and Hoogerheide are out of the World Cup while Beekse Bergen (Netherlands) and Benidorm (Spain) are added. There is one weekend to be determined and that will most likely be London on December 11th. It’s yet to decided where in the British capital the race will take place.

Koksijde requested to be out of the World Cup citing the high costs of the event fees as a reason. Namur hosts the European Championships early November while Hoogerheide hosts the World Championships in the first weekend of February. After a late cancellation due to increased COVID measures, Antwerp is back on the list.

🗓 UCI World Cup Cyclocross 2022-2023:Oct:09 🇺🇸 Waterloo16 🇺🇸 Fayetteville23 🇨🇿 Tabor30 🇳🇱 RucphenNov:13 🇳🇱 Beekse Bergen20 🇧🇪 Overijse27 🇳🇱 HulstDec:04 🇧🇪 Antwerpen11 TBC17 🇮🇹 Val di Sole26 🇧🇪 DendermondeJan:08 🇧🇪 Zonhoven22 🇪🇸 Benidorm29 🇫🇷 Besançon

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The UCI Cyclocross season 2022/2023 starts with Waterloo on the 9th of February and Fayetteville a week later. The first European race is Tábor on November 23rd with Rucphen a week later. Beekse Bergen, home to a safari park has hosted the national championships three times and now receives the World Cup.

The first of only four Belgian races (down from six) is Overijse on the 20th of November followed by Hulst a week later. They move from their date in January. The 11th of December will most likely be London followed by a trip to the snowy mountains of Val di Sole on the 18th of December. Dendermonde get their traditional slot on Boxing Day.

The World Cup ends with three weekends in January. The sand pit of Zonhoven is on the 8th of January followed by a weekend of national championships. The race in Benidorm on the 22th of January slots in well with the Spanish winter training camps. The last World Cup race before the World Championships is in Besançon (France) on the 29th of January.

The full calendar can be found on the website of the UCI.

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