/IELTS Speaking Tips 2021

IELTS Speaking Tips 2021

The IELTS speaking test is considered to be the more difficult out of all the four sections.

IELTS speaking test format: 

IELTS speaking test duration: The test consists of 3 parts and involves having a conversation of around 15 minutes with the examiner.

Part 1 is a conversation that will be based on a general topics like your family, study, work and so on. 

In Part 2, the examiner will give you a cue card or a task card based on which you’ll have to talk. You will be given 1 minute to prepare for the answer.

In Part 3 the examiner will ask you  questions related to the topic given in part 2 of the IELTS examination. 

Given below are a few IELTS speaking tips and tricks that will help you to speak with confidence in the actual test.

Misconceptions and clarification

The Speaking section is the same for Academic and General module. So the terms “IELTS Academic speaking” and “IELTS General speaking” are meaningless. 

Be fluent

Be fluent. Don’t be nervous, it’s okay even if you don’t have an excellent vocabulary. Do not give pauses and take care of grammar and diction. Do not speak too fast and be clear while speaking. 

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Practice Sample Questions

There are a lot of sample IELTS speaking materials which you can use for practice. Pick a topic from the sample question paper and try to speak on it. Record what you speak. Then identify your mistakes and plan how to overcome those mistakes.


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Ask Questions to the Examiner

If you don’t understand the question, there is nothing wrong in asking the examiner to repeat. If you have any confusion regarding the question asked, you can clarify it by asking the examiner to repeat. You will not lose marks for asking doubts.

Bring Emotions in your Speech

While taking the speaking test, choose the words carefully. Bring in emotions, wherever necessary. Try to be like a native English speaker.

Extend your Speech

If the examiner asks you to speak about some topic, do not finish it in one sentence. Try to talk about the topic completely.

Do not panic if a mistake happens

If you make a mistake while speaking, do not get scared. Instead, try to correct the mistake. There will be no deduction of marks if your thought process is good.

Keep a separate time to think for an answer

Listen to the question carefully. If you do not understand the question or if you are unsure about the answer, admit frankly to the examiner so that he gives another topic. Or ask for some extra time to think about the answer. The examiner may not refuse to give you the extra time.

Do not learn the answers by heart

When you are practicing for the speaking test, do not memorize the answers. Try to make an innovative and impressive content on your own. From the way you talk, the examiner can easily find out if you are spontaneous or not.

Focus on what is important

You can try to improve your vocabulary by practicing. Identify the common mistakes you make and try to rectify them.

Stick on to the topic

It is very important to be explanatory but do not divert from the topic. Stick to the topic and speak for it. Deviating from the topic will give a bad impression to the examiner.

These IELTS speaking tips will surely help you to crack the exam with confidence.

IELTS speaking practice 

Click here to find various IELTS speaking topics for practising. You can also find various techniques to practice IELTS speaking online.

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What does the speaking test consist of ?

The test consists of three parts. They are :Part 1: Introduction about yourself and general questions about familiar topics like family, home etc.Part 2: The examiner will give you a task card/cue card which will have a particular topic. You will be given one minute to prepare and make notes. You will then be asked to talk for 1-2 minutes on the topic. Part 3: The examiner will ask you more elaborate questions connected to the topic of Part 2.

How long will the speaking test be conducted ?

11 – 14 minutes

What is the marking criteria for the speaking test ?

Fluency and cohesion – 25%Vocabulary – 25%Grammar – 25%Pronunciation – 25%

How to improve my speaking abilities ?

Choose a topic from the practice tests and speak on it. Record what you speak. This will help you identify the mistakes you made. Identify the mistakes and try to avoid them, next time.

Can I memorise the answers for the recently asked questions?

It does not help. You have to be spontaneous while talking. Another drawback in memorising is, you will panic if you forget something and this will lead to fillers like “Umm’ and “Aah” which will lead to poor scores.

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