/Faculty Protest at Pasadena City College

Faculty Protest at Pasadena City College

Faculty members at Pasadena City College held a protest Thursday against returning to class in person on Monday, The Pasadena Star-News reported.

Professors noted that many colleges in Southern California are returning at later dates, such as Cerritos College on March 7, Whittier College on Feb. 21 and California State University, Northridge, on Feb. 14.

“We’re here to call for a safe return to work,” said Mary-Ellen Crook, vice president of the faculty union, the Pasadena City College Faculty Association. “We’re ready to go back, but we are ready to go back when it is safe for the faculty, for the students and, really, for the whole community.”

In addition, she noted that many students rely on public transportation to come to campus.

College officials noted that they have taken many steps to promote safety from COVID-19. For instance, the college is limiting the number of students per class and courses offered. “For the spring 2022 semester, which started Jan. 10, roughly 58 percent of courses are offered face-to-face; the remainder are hybrid or online-only classes,” said a press release.

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