/Yale Asks Students to Avoid Local Restaurants, Even Outdoors

Yale Asks Students to Avoid Local Restaurants, Even Outdoors

Yale University has asked students to avoid eating at local restaurants, even outdoors.

The advice applies to students who live on or off campus. Students at Yale are required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus—including a booster shot—and the flu, according to the college website. Students are also being asked to take a COVID-19 test prior to traveling to campus and must undergo required coronavirus testing when they arrive at Yale, isolating until they receive results.

“If your arrival test is negative, you may move around campus, but avoid local businesses, restaurants, and bars, including outdoor drinking or dining,” Melanie Boyd, dean of student affairs, wrote in a message to students outlining COVID-19 protocols for the spring semester.

Despite numerous headlines declaring that Yale has officially banned students from eating at off-campus restaurants, the guidance from the university does not include an explicit directive.

The move, first reported by the Yale Daily News, has been widely panned by critics online.

The university has also asked students to avoid out-of-state travel through Feb. 7.

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