/More Colleges Adjust Plans for January

More Colleges Adjust Plans for January

More colleges are adjusting plans for the semester that starts in January:

Amherst College announced that faculty teaching a January term course have been "strongly encouraged to change to remote teaching" and that "concurrently, all students registered for J-term classes that are being taught remotely are strongly encouraged to study remotely and not to return to campus for January term."
California Institute of Technology announced that the winter term will start Jan. 3 with one week of online instruction. Students are still encouraged to return to campus.
Columbia University announced that the first two weeks of the spring semester will be online. Most classes start Jan. 18. The change does not affect student access to the campus.
Illinois State University announced that all courses will be online from Jan. 10-21.
Temple University announced that all courses will be online from Jan. 10-21.
Wellesley College is converting all of the courses planned for its short winter session to online. It has barred students from campus until Jan. 20.
Yale University announced that the spring semester will begin on Jan. 25 instead of Jan. 18. Through Feb. 4, classes will be taught online. Undergraduate housing will be open on Jan. 14, but students are not required to be back until Feb. 4.


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