/United Lisbon earns Microsoft Showcase status

United Lisbon earns Microsoft Showcase status

United Lisbon International School in Portugal has announced that it has been selected as a Microsoft Showcase School. 

Microsoft Showcase Schools are a global community of schools engaged in “innovative change to continuously improve teaching and learning”. Their aim is to create “immersive and inclusive” experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulating development of essential life skills. 

“ULIS’s facilities enable the teaching community to implement transformational learning at the highest level”

Some well known global examples of Microsoft Showcase Schools are Dulwich College in the UK and O’Dea High School in Seattle, Washington, US. 

“As an international school in Lisbon being recognised for its forward-looking program with a large focus on technology, coding, drama, entrepreneurial thinking and other skills for the future, ULIS already has 300 students on board across 30+ nationalities for its 2nd academic year,” ULIS said in a statement. 

“ULIS’s faculty is truly international and with its unparalleled facilities that enable the teaching community to implement transformational learning at the highest level, ULIS is looking forward to reaching continuously new heights in the next years. 

“Admissions are continuing for 21/22 academic year (although few very places are left) and applications have already started for the 22/23 academic year.”

To become a Microsoft Showcase School, ULIS had to actively be part of a year-long Showcase Incubator Path, a challenging and extensive accreditation program that constantly evaluated the school’s progress in the implementation of the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework

The ETF is designed to support school communities working toward transformational change by following development and evolution through the Microsoft Showcase School Rubrics, quantitative and qualitative metrics that represent the profile of successful transformative criteria in education.

“Building on our decades of work with policy makers, school leaders and educators around the world, Microsoft supports Schools in the Showcase School program with resources and ideas to turn their vision into reality,” said Microsoft on its Showcase School website.

Microsoft added that The Microsoft Showcase Schools Program is an opportunity to engage with Microsoft and like-minded school leaders around the world to deepen and expand education transformation.

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