/Louisiana State University Plans to Forgive More Than $7 Million in Student Debt

Louisiana State University Plans to Forgive More Than $7 Million in Student Debt

Dr. Jose Aviles, Louisiana State University's vice president for enrollment managementDr. Jose Aviles, Louisiana State University’s vice president for enrollment managementLouisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana will forgive more than $7 million in student debt, which will impact about 4,000 students, according to The Advocate. The debt forgiveness plan will apply to students with balances owed directly to LSU from spring 2020 to the current term.

“In an effort to continue providing access to an LSU education, we have made the decision to clear all unpaid prior tuition and fee balances for LSU students who enrolled at any point during the COVID-19 pandemic period,” said Dr. Jose Aviles, LSU vice president for enrollment management.

The land-grant university will use some of its federal COVID-19 relief aid to finance the forgiveness. The award amount to students will total $1,816 on average, according to a university spokesperson. The student debt can include tuition, fees, meal plans, housing, and parking.

Elsewhere in the state, Baton Rouge Community College, Grambling State University, and Southern University in Shreveport announced earlier this month that they will also forgive student debt.

“We are committed to ensuring that students have every opportunity to continue their educational pursuits,” said Aviles. “Their dream is to walk across the stage and receive an LSU diploma, and our job is to do everything we can to make sure that happens.”

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