/American Education and How Student Loans Are Crippling A Generation
Karolina Grabowska

American Education and How Student Loans Are Crippling A Generation

Attending university has nearly always been the way a person can find better jobs with higher salaries. But what if this is changing?

With more college debt than ever before, college graduates are left with tens of thousands of dollars of debt and degrees that simply do not have jobs behind them that pay well.

Imagine getting out of college with a liberal arts degree and $100,000 of debt. You can’t find a skilled position unless you are an exceptional writer or choose to change career paths. This is not some distant future I am talking about. College students are leaving with so much “debt slavery” to the US government that it is virtually impossible to buy a house, save enough to have a family, or purchase a car.

And the problems do not end there. More so than ever colleges are not teaching students how to learn, they are teaching them what to learn. As a student myself I believe that it is important we tackle this issue head and come up with a solution that will not leave future generations struggling under the weight of debt they should never have been allowed to have.

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