/Bowling Green State University Students Expelled and Suspended for Fraternity Hazing

Bowling Green State University Students Expelled and Suspended for Fraternity Hazing

Fraternity House at Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) has permanently expelled three students and suspended 17 in connection to the death of a sophomore who participated in fraternity hazing back in March.

“At the beginning of the investigation into the incidents involving the tragic death of student Stone Foltz, BGSU committed to a fair, thorough and accountable disciplinary process,” said Alex Solis, a spokesperson for the university, who added that all of the students charged were found responsible for a total of 83 violations of the school’s Code of Student Conduct, including hazing, harm to and endangering others and furnishing alcohol.

The university also released a report that outlines efforts to combat hazing, including a zero-tolerance policy and reinforced partnerships with law enforcement.

“Our work to strengthen the health and safety of our community – and our promise to Stone – continues,” said Solis. “This report will serve as our path forward in this critical effort. BGSU will continue to take all necessary measures to eradicate hazing, and we will work with our peers, the Foltz family and anyone who shares in that mission.”

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