/Washington State County Just Recently Removed Covenant Language That Banned All Non-White Persons From Home Ownership

Washington State County Just Recently Removed Covenant Language That Banned All Non-White Persons From Home Ownership

Racism? In 2021 Amerikkka?? *Macaulay Culkin Home Alone face*

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The only thing white people love to do more than disavow the existence of systemic racism is to perpetuate systemic racism. As we speak, there are white politicians and “academics” who are waging a war against Critical Race Theory. They suggest that teaching the youth about the racism that founded this country is…racist toward the descendants of those racists.

People with good sense know that this is absolutely asinine. This story is an example of why.

According to KING5, Thurston County, Washington has JUST now removed some overtly racist language in their Beachcrest community’s covenants that banned all non-white people from living in the community. A woman named Michelle Fearing and 30 of her neighbors came together to purge the record of what they describe as “unbelievable.”

“It was shocking,” said Fearing. “I’m reading it going, ‘Whoa. Wow. That’s crazy.’”

The 1948 covenant reads as follows: “No other than the white race shall be allowed to occupy any residence in this subdivision except servants.” 1948 wasn’t THAT long ago. 74 years. 55% of white women’s president was older than these unenforceable laws but they want to tell us that there’s no such thing as systemic racism or that Amerikkka isn’t a racist country. Ha!

Here’s what local auditor Mary Hall had to say about the kkkovenants:

“When I got to Washington state I was shocked how white it was. And now I understand why,” said Hall.

Fortunately, a new state law called the House Bill 1335 could put a stop to Washington’s past with bigoted covenant restrictions. The bill would require students at the University of Washington and Eastern Washington University to review existing deeds and laws for racist language. Auditors and homeowners from different counties would then be notified of any unlawful racial restrictions within their area.

It’s a start… but we, Black folks, aren’t surprised at this news in the least bit. However, the shock of people like Mary Hall and Michelle Fearing just goes to prove that a lot of white folks still have not awakened to the facts of Amerikkkan history.

Good morning.

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