/Ep. 50: A Better ‘Transcript’ for Learners and Employers

Ep. 50: A Better ‘Transcript’ for Learners and Employers

What skills, knowledge and abilities do students develop as they navigate through college? How do students themselves know, and how do institutions arm their graduates to show prospective employers what they know and can do?

On this week’s episode (The Key’s 50th), we explore an effort to iterate beyond the academic transcript, which has historically been the main tool available to students, institutions and employers alike to sum up what’s gained during the college experience. And a not very effective one at that.

In this episode, Insiya Bream, assistant vice provost for data and systems at the University of Maryland Global Campus, explains the “comprehensive learner record” it has created for its MBA students. And Matthew Pittinsky, CEO of Parchment, describes why a “better transcript” – which is often discussed in the context of professionally-focused learning like at UMGC – could actually help liberal arts institutions make their case for the value of what they do.

Hosted by Inside Higher Ed Co-founder and Editor Doug Lederman.

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