/Colleges award tenure

Colleges award tenure

Washington University in St. Louis

Opeolu M. Adeoye, emergency medicine
David S. Ahn, economics
Yin Cao, surgery
Katherine C. Fuh, obstetrics and gynecology
Nicolae B. Gârleanu, finance
Nupam P. Mahajan, surgery
David J. Pagliarini, cell biology and physiology
Linda J. Richards, neuroscience
Yong Wang, obstetrics and gynecology
Peng Yuan, cell biology and physiology
Mohamed A. Zayed, surgery

Williams College

Jeremy Cone, psychology
Christine DeLucia, history
Matthew Gibson, economics
Lama Nassif, comparative literature
Christina Simko, sociology
Owen Thompson, economics
Emily Vasiliauskas, English
Zachary Wadsworth, music

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