/Things to Consider when Computer Running Slow

Things to Consider when Computer Running Slow

Things to Consider if your Computer is Running Slow

We all been there trying to complete a task on a computer and while in the middle of the project the computer freezes or stop responding. I would like to walk you through a different location on your computer that will help you understand why the computer is behaving the way it is.

Hard Drive Space

Usually people do not pay attention of how much information they are saving on her computer or how much information the computer will hold. Like everything in life, the computer has a limit of how much information can be storage. I will recommend for you to use the steps below and find out how much free disk space you currently have so the computer can perform better.

  • Click on Windows start menu and type: This PC
  • Double Click This PC and under “Devices and Drives” check your Disk Space
  • It will usually display information like 200 GB free of 500 GB

Note: If your computer hard drive is almost full chances are that everything you try to do in the computer will be slow. The reason why will be slow if because the computer hard drive does not have room to look for the information you need, or the application does not have to save any new information.

Ram Memory

The computer memory also calls “Randel Access Memory” play a very important part on the computer performance. I recommend for at least 8 GB of RAM. But if you can afford to get bigger size will be better. We need to understand that every application needs memory to run smoothly. I will recommend before installing any software on the computer to check for the requirements of the software to see how much RAM Memory is need it.

Internet Speed

Believe it or not your Internet speed play a very essential roll on your computer performance. Some of the reason are that most of the application running on a computer are web base (manage by a cloud server). If your home network speed is less than 10 MB per second for download and 2 MB per second for Upload, the computer will struggle while working with any application that need to be online. For a small family having at least 100 MB per second on their home network will be ideal. Most of the Internet Service Provider nowadays provide a minimum of 200 MB for a single home.

Note: I will recommend to visit the following site whenever you want to check how fast your Internet speed is at home: https://speedtest.net.


Even know you might have the newer model computer with all the latest hardware installed, it is a good idea to manage how many applications you keep open at the same time. The more application you are running the more resources you are using and will reduce your computer performance. For best practice I try to only keep running what I need. There is some application that unless you have high power computer will not run smooth on your computer such as: Solid Works, Adobe Creative Clouds, KeyShot, or any Video Game Software.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and help you understand better how the computer works and how to keep it working smooth.


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