/Home Additions and Apps for the Deaf and HoH

Home Additions and Apps for the Deaf and HoH

Unless you’ve lost your hearing, you may not fully appreciate the impact that hearing loss can have on your day-to-day. Without sound, it’s easy to miss things like public announcements, travel instructions, job interviews or traditional school instruction.

It also makes it more difficult to enjoy recreational activities such as the movies or a nightclub, or even to stay safe on a dark street at night when you can’t hear the telltale signs of a predator or night drivers. The arrival of COVID-19 has only made things more difficult, with face masks rendering lip reading generally impossible. The combined effect poses an even greater challenge for the deaf and hard of hearing (HoH), who are already twice as likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

However, advancements in technology and new developments are shifting and shaping the lives of those with hearing difficulties, even having an impact on the cost of home insurance. Legislative support, in the form of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), helps to ensure proper accommodations throughout daily life.

But what about provisions in your home? Is it a safe place that supports those who have suffered from hearing loss?

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