/DreamApply continues Turkey expansion

DreamApply continues Turkey expansion

Student application management solution DreamApply has announced a partnership with Koç University in Turkey, as the institution looks to simplify its application process for international candidates.

Estonia-based DreamApply currently counts seven Turkish universities among its 200+ partnerships with higher education institutions across 35 countries, and the new partnership with Koç will give the university an “edge” over other institutions in the country, DreamApply said.

“We believe it will bring us new momentum in the Turkish market”

The institution will be able to closely track its marketing activity performance, collect fees automatically, use machine learning to assess application accuracy and check for plagiarism, video interview candidates via one modular system.

“For every step of the application process, we have a tool to support the university staff so that they don’t have to work more for an increased workload,” explained DreamApply International Development Team lead, Martina Di Pasquale.

“Turkey has a lot of strengths for attracting international students: reputable schools, reasonable fees, rich culture and convenient geographical location,” she said.

“In order to be more competitive and be able to manage great numbers of applications, Turkish universities have also needed an edge that could help them handle every single application professionally, efficiently, but more importantly, digitally.”

The partnership with Koç “is the proof that with such big prestige and big numbers you need a reliable partner to help them work faster”, Di Pasquale continued.

“On DreamApply’s side, this partnership proves to us the potential of Turkish universities once more and makes us more confident about the future. We believe it will bring us new momentum in the Turkish market,” she said.

While the announcement will see DreamApply reignite its operations in Turkey, Europe remains where the SaaS provider has its “strongest presence”, with local offices in UK, Netherlands, Italy and Poland.

“We are especially strong in markets like Italy, Poland and the Baltics. The good thing about DreamApply is that it is very flexible and adaptable,” Di Pasquale explained.

“We can easily customise it based on different needs and requests coming from all kinds of higher education institutions and agencies. Being able to understand and act upon our partners’ needs is key to our success.”

Since 2011, the “streamlined” admissions process DreamApply has built has helped its partners to reach more qualified students, Di Pasquale added.

“Our model has proved to be sustainable so far and we have been enjoying continuous growth in the last nine years. Compared to the past, now DreamApply users also enjoy many more functionalities.”

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