/Will we ever achieve immunity from Covid-19? – podcast

Will we ever achieve immunity from Covid-19? – podcast

Recent studies suggest that even where immunity is developed to Covid-19, it may be fleeting. Science editor Ian Sample looks at what this means for vaccines, treatments and living long term with the coronavirus

It’s a familiar refrain of the past 6 months: “When will we get back to normal?” Its premise is that once a vaccine arrives or enough people have had Covid-19 we will be immune from its terrible effects. But new evidence on how our bodies combat the virus is casting doubt on the prospects for long-term immunity.

The Guardian’s science editor, Ian Sample, tells Anushka Asthana that one study at King’s College London showed that antibodies needed to combat the virus fade quickly in patients who have previously tested positive for Covid-19. It is results like this that could have huge implications for the development of a coronavirus vaccine as well as work being done on therapeutic treatments.

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