/Clemson University Says Students Gathering on or Off Campus Subject to Code of Conduct

Clemson University Says Students Gathering on or Off Campus Subject to Code of Conduct

A Clemson University student last week hosted a party with 100 attendees at their rented home in downtown Clemson, flouting social distancing guidelines issued to curb the spread of the coronavirus, reported Greenville News.

Police broke up last Friday’s party after neighbors complained, and on the following Wednesday, the university released a message saying students found responsible for gatherings on or off campus are subject to the student code of conduct and possible sanctions under local laws.

Clemson University also said it has been informed about student gatherings in the city of Clemson and Oconee County over the weekend, “contributing to unsafe situations with groups gathering in excess of the numbers permissible under the current state regulations.”

The city of Clemson contacted the university to help curb future gatherings and asked campus police to help communicate the need for social distancing to students.

“The issue of the gathering … was it was definitely college students that were doing it, so we did reach out to them to try to help get some information out to avoid this in the future,” police said.

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