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My Digital Age Teachers

Entering the Digital Age I have tried to be a learner all my life, and some of the key stages on my learning curve you can follow on the ABOUT ME page. However, the past ten years or so I have been increasingly immersed in learning for the Digital Age. I am convinced Internet and digital communication in its many and evolving forms represent an enormous change, a destiny, for mankind as a whole. I was born and went to school before Internet had become a key element of the environment where we live. So, after work, I entered the Digital Age by soldering together my first computer from components I bought in a local hobby shop. I then soldered together a basic modem and installed it in a wooden box. That is how I entered the Digital Age.

I am a philosopher by education. That has helped me to distance me from what I believe to be some dead ends, and has encouraged me to take a closer look at other aspects of the Digital Age.

Under TOPICS to the left you will find short introdutions to my Digital Age teachers and their training sites. They taught me different things and in retrospect I think it all was necessary. They are individuals who have found ways to use Internet to work from home and have been willing to share their insights. Tey too seem to be learning continuously. The Digital Age is evolving are we with with it.

I have never met anyone of them face to face, but there has been plenty of digital communication using emails, Skype, Facebook and more. While social media have shown, for good and for bad, how communication can be expanded to include the whole planet, I have been more interested in Internet as a working environment. Working from home, working where you happen to be, may still be a dream, an opportunity, but we are moving in that direction. For me, a philosopher, that is a new kind of life. We are not completely there yet, but there are people living in that way, so it is worth studying …. I will always need to learn more. The Digital Age is an evolving world … I need to follow it ….

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I am a philosopher and my interest is in the many diversified cultures of mankind. In my writing I try to understand what insights mankind needs to learn in order to control climate change, to create a new paradigm for global decision making and to benefit from the opportunities of the Digital Age. I hope this site will offer insights to share. Thanks and have a very good day on our common and only planet!