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I, You and planet Earth

James Lovelock is a special long term teacher, who has meant much to me. One who has looked far into the past and now, in his latest book, has looked for into the future. This teacher is the centenarian James Lovelock. He developed the Gaia theory, the idea that earth, our planet, is single self regulating entity, like a living being in space. Now he has published a new book Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence (The MIT Press). My take is that Internet is the emerging nervous system of Gaia. It is the beginning or new brain for Gaia.



Now, when climate change has become a growing and increasingly serious threat to mankind, the Gaia theory has become more relevant that ever. Here is a youtube video where Lovelock tells you his insight:


Read more on the site about John Lovelock, and better still read his outstanding books



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