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How do You Find Your Audience?

Igor Kheifets is on my list of teachers because one of the key challenges in the Digital Age is this question: How do you find people interested in what you have to tell them? Social Media is a partial solution, but when working online from home I have found it to be too slow and too selective and therefore not very effective. Igors solution is listbuilding, the creation of email lists with people you want to talk to.

Initially I did not appreciate the importance of building a list for my own audience. But what I leaned was that trying to build a business without a mailing list is like building a house with a foundation – it just doesn’t stand up.

Listbuilding is  where Igor is the global master. Igor offers a free workshops and paid services. Check the free workshop here. When you have watched it, you can decide to take a full training. I recommend taking the entire training because you will be able to join Igors Lifestyle Listbuilding Club. As a student you will get plenty of ready made material like email templates, video design outlines, high-ticket products you can start to marker right away, and much more. I have been using Igors’s material and found it very useful, in fact crucial. Therefore, as an introduction check his free workshop.

But another lesson I have learned is this: the Digital Age moves on and like the other Digital Age teachers, Igor constantly develops new and more effective tools for Digital Age workers.  Fining your customers on the global arena is always going to be a challenge. To stay on top of events and ahead of the competition it is necessary to work with those who have made it their mission to find work opportunities in the evolving Digital Age environment. Igor Kheifets is one of them.

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