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Crestani has full length courses and an extensive series of free YouTube videos. Many of the videos present a complete business idea with a method ready to run it. You can use many of hisr videos to set up a small business on your own for free. But, as usual, I recommend joining a paid course where Crestani, his team members and other students will assist you to get properly started.  You will have to pay his fee but you will save lots of time and end up with a much more dynamic business model optimized for for your business. Below is a nice YouTube video which explains one of his business ideas. Watch it, it is a good example of one of Crestanis many business ideas for the Digital Age. It could be a good place to start, but the full training lays out the bases for a serious, professional work-from-home business. I have used both the full training programs and the YouTube videos and I can recommend them both to anyone wanting to move to the Digital Age and join the rest of us.

John Crestanis Super Affiliate System. It is a complete affiliate marketing training program with content ready for you to use. You will learn how to create massively profitable affiliate campaigns. The focus is on Copywriting, Data Analysis and Research

These skills form the backbone of all Crestanis teachings on how to effectively market products online in any niche. Students not only come out of the training with proven tactics and methods to making money online, but they also will have developed core skills that will help them no matter where they ultimately end up later in life.

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I am a philosopher and my interest is in the many diversified cultures of mankind. In my writing I try to understand what insights mankind needs to learn in order to control climate change, to create a new paradigm for global decision making and to benefit from the opportunities of the Digital Age. I hope this site will offer insights to share. Thanks and have a very good day on our common and only planet!