/Join Local Futures in India this summer!

Join Local Futures in India this summer!

I recently got the message below from Local Futures, my favourite organisation when it comes to sustainability and a common future of Happiness. Join them during their summer project in Ladakh or at least look at their extensive material:

Local Futures
Dear Jan-Henrik,

Local Futures is looking for volunteers to join us in Ladakh, India this summer, to help grow organic buckwheat in upper-Central Ladakhi villages and find new ways of supporting local food economies in the region.

We would also like to to invite you to our Economics of Happiness Conference in Ladakh on September 20-21. Everyone is welcome, including our buckwheat volunteers, who will be able to attend the conference at no cost.

The Buckwheat Project

Summer 2019


Buckwheat has been grown for centuries in Western Ladakh, mostly as a second crop planted after the harvest of wheat and barley. With shifting economic, social, and climatic conditions, there is local interest in introducing the crop to Central Ladakh, the benefits of which could be numerous.

2019 will be the first year of a minimum-3-year project that will trial buckwheat production in the villages of Sakti, Shey and Shara and the town of Leh, and market the grain. The project will be conducted in collaboration with Ladakh- and Japan-based NGO Julay Ladakh.

More details about the project, accommodations, length of stay, and cost can be found on our website.

If you are interested, please send an email to Skarma Gurmet of Julay Ladakh (skarmag@gmail.com) and Alex Jensen of Local Futures (a.jensen@isec.org.uk). Be sure to write to us soon, as the number of volunteer spots is limited!


Learn more about volunteering with us


Economics of Happiness Conference

September 20-21, 2019


Local Futures was founded in Ladakh to introduce alternatives to fossil-fuel-based, un-ecological development. Now, we’re returning to our roots by bringing our flagship conference series to Ladakh. This event will focus on compassionate economics – an ‘economics of happiness’ – and what we can do to achieve it. We will explore different strategies to counter the onslaught of the corporate-led global economy in India and abroad, as well as strategies to strengthen and renew Ladakh’s local economy and food systems while addressing some of Ladakh’s most pressing challenges.


Join us at the conference

We hope to see you in Ladakh this summer!

– The Local Futures team

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Local Futures/ISEC

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