/You and the Goals for Sustainable Development

You and the Goals for Sustainable Development

The world is developing faster and faster. This means that it is increasingly difficult to know what to learn, what to study in depth. Will what you study now be useful ten years from now, twenty years from now? In fact, twenty years from now, you are in the early stages of your professional career. It may take five years or more to get your degree and find your first full-time employment. Some of what you learned in those five first years at the college will still be relevant in your full-time job, but at that time the world has already changed because of new technology, new global relations, climate change, …

So, how to focus your studies? It is a choice only you can make based on who you are, where you are, what you want, what you have already experienced in life.

International Day of Education

On 3 December 2018 United Nations proclaimed January 24 as the International Day of Education. A large collection of background reports can be downloaded free of charge from Global Education Meeting held in Brussels on December 3-5 2018. If you are a college teacher many of the reports will help you to target your education and inspire your students.

But if you are a college student asking yourself what courses to select, how could you benefit from the international Day of Education. Could it help you somehow to become a recognised professional in your filed of interest? Most likely you already have some activity you are particularly interested in. Your dream job would be in this field. But how could you account for the unpredictable changes we see unfolding already now and even more in the coming decades. I don’t think anybody knows for sure. But a lot of thinking has gone in to it. Unesco has made a list of 17 key fields where progress must be made, if mankind is going to survive on this planet. If you want to use your personal interest, skill or focus in order to make a contribution to making a better world for all, take a look at the 17 topics and position yourself within one of them. How can your focus help to realise the objective and what education to you then need?

If you prefer to read about the goals take a look here

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