/The College On My Shelf

The College On My Shelf

Online learning is great and one of the outstanding gifts that digitisation and internet has brought to the benefit of mankind. Internet is becoming the new nervous system for planet earth, and, of course, this something extraordinary, a critical part of the Anthropocene, a new stage in the development of our planet.

However, I started my studies already in the 60’s and none talked about online colleges at that time. Therefore, I read books and my bookshelf has year by year been filled up with outstanding books. These books are still my guidelines when I trying to understand where mankind is heading on this planet and in space perhaps in the future.

Rather early on I was curious of what some researchers call Global Warming. I talked to a few friends about it but they laughed and said it was all exaggerations. The planet has warmed and cooled many times over and here we are – no serious harms done. Mankind not only survived, it grew and grew and dominates the entire planet today.  So they said, but today we see Global Warming differently, a serious, possibly fatal threat to mankind as a whole, a threat to the entire living ecosystem. An exaggeration … nobody knows … but the risk has become a reality. Global warming is a theme I will come back to many time in future blogs, but in this blog I will just look over my shoulder at the volumes I can see on the bookshelves in my study.

So here is a summary, a short course on development, sustainable or not. But I recommend it. Everyone of these books is landmark of its own. Read anyone of them and you will remember. They are all masterpieces. You will see your world in a new light. They will give you hope, strength, encourage you to make a difference   …..


The bookshelf

1953 Bruno Snell: The Discovery of the Mind – The Greek Origins of European Thought
1961 Franz Fanon: The Wretched of the Earth – Psychological effect of colonisation
1962 Rachel Carlson: Silent Spring – Effects of pollution
1967 Kenneth Galbraith: The New Industrial State – The New Industrial System
1970 D & D Meadows, J Randers: The Limits to Growth – Overshoot and limited resources
1972 R.F. Dasman: Planet in Peril? – The Environmental Crisis
1973 E.F. Schumacher: Small is Beautiful – Intermediate Technology
1980 Robert Nisbet: History of the Idea of Progress – Progress, a Christian idea
1987 Brundtland: Our Common Future – We have a moral obligation to the future
1996 Manuel Castells: The Information Age – Global network society
1999 Jared Diamond: Guns, Germs, and Steel – Why politics fails
2005 Jeffrey Sachs: The End of Poverty – Public interest, not corporate interest
2009 Nicholas Stern: A Blueprint for a Safer Planet – Accounting for global warming
2009 James Lovelock: The Vanishing Face of Gaia – One living planet
2009 Tim Jackson: Prosperity without Growth – Living within environmental limits
2010 Laurence C. Smith: The World in 2050 – Demography and the planet
2010 Raghuram Rajan: Fault Lines – Complexity of global assets
2011 Lester Brown: World on the Edge – Rescue Plan B
2011 George Magnus: Uprising – Unsustainability of export-driven growth
2011 Francis Fukuyama: The Origins of Political Order – Communities organise themselves
2012 Dambisa Moyo: Winner Take All – China’s grab for resources
2012 Joseph Stiglitz: The Price of Inequality – Towards social conflict
2012 Jorgen Randers: 2052 – Short-sightedness of democracy and markets
2012 Bernard Lietaer: Money and Sustainability – Erosion of social capital
2012 Pankaj Mishra: From the RUINS of Empire – The Intellectuals Who Remade Asia
2013 J. Rockström and M. Klum: The Human Quest – Living within our planet’s boundaries
2014 Francis Fukuyama: Political Order and Political Decay – Globalisation of democracy
2014 Susan Greenfield: Mind Change – How technology will affect the human brain; how a new human mind is born and developing
2017 Pankaj Mishra: Age of Anger – A History of the Present
2017 Yuval Noah Harari: Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow

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I am a philosopher and my interest is in the many diversified cultures of mankind. In my writing I try to understand what insights mankind needs to learn in order to control climate change, to create a new paradigm for global decision making and to benefit from the opportunities of the Digital Age. I hope this site will offer insights to share. Thanks and have a very good day on our common and only planet!