/E-Learning Is Transforming Hiring (And You Don’t Want To Be Left Behind)

E-Learning Is Transforming Hiring (And You Don’t Want To Be Left Behind)


We at SocialTalent truly belive in a democracy of learning – that each person should have the opportunity to improve their understanding of their career and get better results. The industry of hiring is leaving behind stuffy seminar rooms, two-day-retreats and bound hand-outs which eventually act as coasters on your desk for your morning coffee.

E-learning isn’t a fad. It’s hardly even revolutionary anymore – it’s essential to running a successful business and developing a fulfilling career. Though we’ve developed the world’s leading learning experience platform for hiring, our individual teams and team-members love to embrace e-learning in their everyday working loves too. Whether it’s our customer success team, our marketing department or even our leadership team, it’s safe to say that we’re obsessed with learning.

Who is the modern learner?

If you’re reading this, you might just fit the profile of the modern learner. Surprise!

The brilliant folk at Elucidat have compiled an excellent infographic outlining the modern learner. Check it out!

Infographic of The Modern Learner from Elucidat. Source: https://www.elucidat.com/blog/modern-learner-profile-infographic/

Who is the modern recruiter? (spoiler: they’re the same!)

If our experience in the learning sphere has thought us anything, it’s that recruiters love to learn. Whether they’re working as an agency or in-house, recruiters are constantly looking to improve their position in their career.

But recruiters can also leverage the profile of the modern learner when dealing with clients. When joining a new company, employees say that learning is their number one priority. This is useful information for recruiters to have, as framing a job description to highlight the potential for learning could be a make or break decision for a client.

It’s essential for recruiters to have access to on-the-job learning at a time of need, right there at their desks. The ability to react to an issue immediately can’t be understated when companies are investing in learning. With 93% of people wanting to learn on the job, and 56% turning to learning at time of need, managers and companies can’t afford to overlook this aspect of the modern workplace.

For hiring, SocialTalent provides recruiters and hiring managers with instant on-the-go access to thousands of hours of educational material from the industry’s leading experts and thought leaders. To find out more about how thousands of recruiters are learning and improving with us right now, check out the link below!


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